My daily experience with Huawei Mediapad X1(Honor X1)

Some days ago i try buy a high end tablet in the market.
there lots of options , i search in one of best sites i know (, compare features and prices between devices and... have Huawei Mediapad X1 tablet now.
in this page i don't try to tell you buy this or not, i just share my daily experience with it, so you can choice better what to buy. i read most of reviews, but they don't tell me most of needs for a good choice,


Add custom javascript files to drupal node pages

I recently writing some Processing tutorials. but when i want add javascript files i found there is no module that let me easily add external javascript files for each node page. so, i try make simple drupal module that add custom text field , this field can be added to each node type and users can add required javascript fies they need. it has some security issues and should be used just for granted user.


Top 10+1 Mistakes that Django Developers Make

10 django developer mistakes in this great article 


11. Using Django Modules contains javascripts and front-end codes


Share linux desktop screen using ezcast

there is lots of tutorial how to share dekstop screen on linux that never work for me

like :

serviio share desktop 

share desktop using airplay with airplay.jar in instracttables

share desktop using vlc desktop streaming

mirror deskop using chromecast extentions


After lots of tires and fail to share linux desktop screen to ezcast connection to video projector 

if found there is ezcast chrome extention that has mirror desktop ability