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Top 10+1 Mistakes that Django Developers Make

10 django developer mistakes in this great article 


11. Using Django Modules contains javascripts and front-end codes

choicing module with client side js code in them most limited as possible.
there is 4 problem with such modules:
1. MV* created to prevent coding spaghetti. no one like spaghetti code, whether you are Italian. in such case in Django let them be M  V  T with no conflict . client code should isolated in front-end code. so you can split project between multiple developers. when using modules that contain JS loaded in page automatically ,that make some conflicts in developer tasks.
2. that limit you on using your desire module at front. maybe a module work great at serverside , but it functionally not work well. if you want change client side code you must change server side code too.
3. that make front end upgrade project problem. if you decide change your front-end code in feature, it is better your front-end code be isolated from server side as possible.

4. when you choice a front-end framework for your project. you have limited on using some other frameworks and modules. when you use django modules with front-end code you have lots of trouble to set it in place in front end. 




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